Donation Terms and Agreements
  • Aion America is a project developed by players and lovers of Aion, willing to bring the best experience to this audience. Even with all the dedication, we are not able alone without supporters.
  • Access to our game is completely free, but that does not exclude the costs of maintaining and developing our server.
  • We need your help, by making a donation you will be collaborating with the development of the server and helping us to keep it online!
  • After donation approval, you will be gifted with America Credits to use on the website.

Upon making a donation you automatically agree to all terms below.
  • You agree, that America Credits are voluntary transfers of virtual assets from private individuals.
  • You agree, that by making a donation you are not buying any product or service.
  • To show our appreciation we reward donators with America Credits in return for their support.
  • The donations are used to keep the server up and running, as well as improving our network.
  • You agree, that all transactions made are final and will not be refunded in any way.
  • You agree, that virtual assets such as player items will not be restored if lost or stolen.
  • You agree, that in any case of chargeback all your accounts will be blocked and impossible to recover, aswell any account that you have ever logged in. (including friends accounts)